La Baule


The bay of La Baule is a crescent of fine golden sand which stretches some 9km between the ports of Pornichet and Le Pouliguen. Characterized by their villas, whose architecture is both unique and original, the famous seaside resorts which make up this bay (Pornichet, La Baule, Le Pouliguen) are often referred to as the Drôles de Dames. In November 2011 the bay made its much deserved entry into the prestigious club of the “most beautiful bays in the world.”

The development of the seaside resort began in Le Croisic, the trend quickly spread to adjacent towns thanks to the arrival of the railway line in Saint-Nazaire in 1857. The subsequent link from Saint-Nazaire-Le Croisic ran through an area known at the time as La Baule. The area was all but deserted, lost in the middle of the sand dunes planted with maritime pines. As early as 1880, spurred on by the influence of wealthy entrepreneurs and shop owners, an area which once was a vast wooded open space devoid of any buildings became a successful seaside resort created from scratch. The same period saw the resort’s name evolve to become what it is today: La Baule.



La Baule offers a wide range of activities that include horse riding, golf, tennis, yachting, polo and cycling.


La Baule has its own special way of life. Whatever the time of day, this is a place where people relax with panache! You can see it when the horses are taken for a gallop in the morning along the beach, on restaurant terraces, in the spas, and at the casino in the evenings.


La Baule, the chic seaside resort in Brittany
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