Thursday 13th June
Guérande and The salt marshes

On the peninsula of the same name, the medieval walled town of Guérande is a must-see during any visit to the Loire-Atlantique department. Overlooking salt marshes to the south and the peat bogs of Brière to the north, Guérande and its surrounding area make a great day out.

Salt marshes
Fashioned by man over the centuries the salt marshes stretch out before you a breath taking immense mosaic of colours. These 2 000 hectares of salt marshes bear the quality label of 'Site remarquable du Goût' (a site of culinary interest and excellence) and are supplied with seawater via the inlets of 'Les traicts du Croisic and Mesquer'.

Friday 14th June
Saint-Nazaire’s famous shipyard

Saint-Nazaire’s famous shipyard visit allows you inside! As a privileged visitor, you will discover the workshops and dry docks where giant cruise liners are built. Guided tour.

Visit the submarine Espadon
You might well experience some of the feelings Jules Verne described in his famous novel. Find out how submariners lived together in this cramped space and discover the historic mission they completed more than 50 years ago. Audioguided tour, available in French, English, German and Spanish.

Saturday 15th June
One-day cruise on the Gulf of Morbihan

start from Vannes

The Gulf, which extends into Quiberon Bay, is one of South Brittany's emblematic locations. It is also one of 'The Most Beautiful Bays in the World', alongside the bays of Hạ Long in Viet Nam and San Francisco in the United States. The Gulf presents a unique spectacle, with land and sea blending to form a variety of land- and seascapes covering 11,500 ha. With its vast expanse of seawater, the Gulf of Morbihan offers exceptional all-year boating.